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River transport development in Moscow and summer navigation opening
29 Апрель 2021
Sergei Sobyanin, the Mayor of Moscow supports active developing of the river transport. Reconstruction of territories and buildings of river terminals is being carried out. Moscow has 80 km of waterways and another 484 km spread to the Moscow region

The Moscow River is a historically important transport route that connected Moscow with Novgorod and Smolensk with the cities of Volga and Don. There are ten active floodgates in Moscow and the region. Six of them are located on the Moskva River from Dubna to the Northern River Terminal and four after the Northern River Terminal.

For the first time after the reconstruction, summer river navigation was opened at the Northern River Terminal last Sunday. The floodgates started working again. Very soon ships from other cities will begin to approach piers. This year 60 cruise ships will come to the Northern River Terminal. They will connect Moscow with 38 Russian cities by river tourist routes. Among the ships: Native Russia, Grigory Pirogov, Andrey Rublev, Lenin, Mustai Karim and many others. The first of them will go on a journey from the pier of the Northern Railway Terminal on April 28.

Now the Northern River Terminal is not only a river station, but also a recreation area with a park, a cafe and a children's playground. The building of the river station was completely restored and the territory was equipped for the City Day 2020. So, after 30 years of withering, the Northern River Terminal returned to Muscovites and turned into one of the favorite places in the city. It also can simultaneously receive and send up to 25 pleasure and 22 cruise ships.

This summer guests of the Northern River Terminal will enjoy an interesting and diverse program: new restaurants, swimming pools, and various outdoor events will be opened.

In addition, by the decision of the Mayor of Moscow, the reconstruction of the Southern River Terminal as another largest river transport hub of the city-began this year.

The building, the surrounding area and the pier will be renovated. Before the summer of 2022 it is planned to complete the renovation of the terminal building, piers and embankments, as well as to improve the surrounding area.

New concept for the development of the Southern River Terminal building will allow to launch a multifunctional center. The terminal building will meet expectations of guests and passengers. There will be bakeries, coffee shops, children's playgrounds, a multimedia center and yoga studio.

Special attention will also be paid to the environment – local plants, crops and herbs will be planted at the territory. So Southern River Terminal will become an example of an eco-friendly and attentive attitude to resources. According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov, up to twenty thousand people will use the terminal daily after it’s reconstruction.

The Moscow Transport Department plans to launch regular river routes over the next two years. They will bind riverbanks of Moscow and create new convenient options for traveling with a new type of urban public transport - river transport. These will be modern eco-friendly vessels that will be part of the unified transport system of Moscow.

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